Saturday, 19 April 2014


A FAMILY were spooked when they discovered ghostlike pictures of a little girl in Victorian costume shadowing them from room to room around a museum.

John Burnside came out in goose bumps with he found the images of the child lurking in the background on his phone two years after they were taken.

They were taken two years ago – when he popped into York’s Castle Museum with partner Shona Backhouse and their son Johnthomas Burnside, then just 18 months' old.

John, 27, a labourer, of Wakefield, had no explanation for what had happened.

He had never seen the little girl before until he found his old memory card in the pocket of his pyjamas and transferred the contents onto his new phone.

He was sat next to Shona, 25, on the couch when they spotted the extra figure in the photos.

He said: “It was weird. I didn’t notice anything at first then I thought I was imagining it. So I asked Shona and she said ‘Yes. It’s a little girl.’

“When I phoned my mum she at first thought it might be a little girl that my sister lost but my dad spotted the girl in the picture was in Victorian dress.

“It’s enough to make you paranoid. It gives me goose bumps every time I think about it.

“I don’t like the idea of ghosts or anything like that. It gives me panic attacks. There was not little girl like that on the day at the museum.

“It was pretty dead there to be honest all through the day. Anyway, it looks like you can see right through her.”

There have been claims in the past at Castle Museum is haunted.

A crew filming an episode of Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns programme in 2006 insisted they had heard shrill voices and seen ghostly children running around.

Shona, who works in a tanning salon, said: “I don't know that the thing is. It is like it was following us because it was in the last picture of me taken outside.

"It is really weird. I never noticed it until other day when we looked through the pictures.

"But I told John when was at the museum that I had funny feeling and didnt like it there.

"The room one of pics was taken in I wouldn't go inside. It gave me goose pimples and shivers.

"Our son was around 18 months' old at the time. I can't really remember if he sensed anything - but I know I didn't like it at all though."

Source: YorkPress

To me, these photographs look fake. The first behind a grill looks more like an old photograph of a woman and child merged in with the background. The quality of the images are extremely poor quality which helps to mask any suspected fraudulent images.
And of course, the images lay unseen for 2 years before they were `shockingly` discovered...
I wasn`t there, I could be wrong. But from experience, these images look highly suspect.
But at least the images owners got their 15 minutes worth of fame ..

Friday, 18 April 2014


Amateur ghost hunters claim they have made contact with the spirit of Richard III, next to the bed where the king reportedly spent his last night.

Members of the paranormal investigation group Haunted Heritage said they recorded the spooky encounter at Donington le Heath Manor House, Leicestershire, last year.

But they said they did not want to publicise the recording at the time because of the furore surrounding the discovery of the king's remains under a Leicester car park.

It is believed that King Richard III spent the night at the house before riding out to the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 and dying on the battlefield.

King Richard III was defeated by Henry Tudor and the battle is regarded as one of the most defining moments in British history.

During a recording, the group ask: 'What is your name' a reply of 'Richard' can then be heard. The group then say: 'Thank you so much for that.'

Medium Gill Hibbert, 56, from Coalville, Leicestershire said: 'It was in the main room upstairs in the manor house - it was coming up to the witching hour.

'We had been there since 8pm. At about 11.45pm, we started the call-out session.
'We were standing in the dark, but there was a bit of light coming in through the window.'
Mrs Hibbert said she asked if anyone was there and then said: 'come forward'.

She then switched on the ghost box - a modified radio which allows spirits to 'speak' through white noise - and called out again.

She said: 'Then we heard the name, 'Richard' - it was so clear. We were blown away.
'The night was quite uneventful up until then - we had a few knocks and bangs - but when that came through it was the icing on the cake.'

Mrs Hibbert said the voice was one of the best examples of paranormal contact the group had witnessed.

They have given the recording an 'A' grade because of the clarify of the sound.
The group has now contacted professional paranormal investigators so that the recording can be analysed further.

Mrs Hibbert said: 'We're not saying it's Richard III.
'We're trying to get a historian from Donington le Heath to look into other Richards who have lived there.

'But no one has found anything yet. We are being careful about saying it's Richard III because we can't prove it.'

Richard's remains were discovered by archaeologists in 2012. His body was buried in what was Grey Friars Church, Leicester, after his death. The site later became a council car park.
A legal row is now ongoing between those who want him re-interred at Leicester Cathedral and others who say he should be laid to rest at York Minster.

Source: DailyMail

To be fair to the investigators, they are not claiming it is Richard III, but the media are alleging so.
Nothing like over-hyping a fairly run of the mill paranormal story, and yet ignoring anything that has real substance. That`s the media ..


A video of cake dish cover flying off a counter top is causing quite the stir in Gilford, N.H. Mainly because nobody can be seen flinging the large glass object.

Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and the rest of the Ghostbusters were not called in to investigate, but yesterday a professional medium and ghost hunter did arrive at the Ellacoya Country Store to see if they could discover why the dish jumped off the counter and crashed into a thousand pieces on the floor.

Video captured by the store's surveillance camera shows the glass top quickly moving up and off the counter, as if it had been pulled by a string. Yet the peanut butter squared on the dish itself remained untouched. There is nobody else visible in the video clip (see below). The fact that this happened did not come as a huge surprise to the store owners as the colonial-era building, constructed in 1745, is no stranger to ghostly apparitions.

"In 2002 when we opened the store, I had looked and I had seen a man standing, and it disappeared as fast as I saw it," said Lisa Ferraro-Giles, store manager.

The medium Karen Tatro immediately got into the spirit of the event saying she felt strange "vibes" and had a sense that it felt very heavy in the room, particularly near where the cake dish was sitting.

This would coincide with other incidents noticed in the store.

"It's little things. You'll turn the lights on, and they'll go off. Or turn them off, and they go on. People say they've felt somebody tapping them on the shoulder, when there's no one there," saidFerraro-Giles

"It almost feels like someone kind of stays in this particular area, and is observing the store and what's happening," Tatro said. "(It) felt like a woman. Felt older."

A more skeptical Parapsychologist Brian Cano wasn't so sure. While admitting that something mysterious did happen in the store, he could not say one way or the other that it was a ghost that caused the damage.

Despite the destructive nature of the alleged ghosts, store workers said they were not afraid, but would like some answers.

Perhaps the store needs to upgrade its surveillance to a full home automation system to include motion sensors and HD cameras to properly track down its poltergeist.

Source: TechTimes

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Owner Sharon Short, claims that paranormal activity has been taking place and she’s now looking into having paranormal investigations carried out over the next few weeks.

Some might say they’re not surprised.

But the Psychic Shop in Kilmarnock’s Bellfield... is haunted.

Owner Sharon Short, claims that paranormal activity has been taking place and she’s now looking into having paranormal investigations carried out over the next few weeks.

She said when she came in on Monday morning stock was found lying on the floor.

As this had never happened before Sharon thought it was “weird” so she had her colleague check the CCTV footage.

“At one point I could connect with the spirit in the back of the shop, there are also cold spots at reception,” she told the Standard.

 CCTV footage has been posted to Facebook to allow  customers see for themselves and shows an ornament slide off the shelve and fall on to the floor.

Sharon, who only opened the shop earlier this year, said that this strange activity had only begin to take place after a woman came into her shop to enquire about paranormal investigations.

The woman also accused Sharon of carrying out the devils work by doing readings for people.

Since then, stock has apparently been flying off shelves and also there are also claims that there are cold spots in the reception area of the shop.

There has been no previous signs of paranormal activity taking place in the shop until Sunday night and things have only been moving off the shelves when the shop has been closed.

Story: DailyRecord

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


KITCHENER — The case of the "haunted" labour hall has finally been laid to rest by the highest court in Ontario.

Trajan Fisca hoped to get $1 million in compensation because nobody told him a three-storey building in downtown Kitchener had ghosts before he bought it in 2010.

But after launching a lawsuit on that basis and getting short shrift from a local judge, Fisca didn't fare any better when he took his complaint to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

In a one-page ruling Monday, a three-judge panel dismissed his bid to get a trial to show how the building is "stigmatized" and therefore worth much less than he paid.

The panel noted there is no direct evidence of financial loss or testimony from anyone "who observed any strange occurrences in the property."

Fisca purchased the historic 1922 building at 137-147 King St. E. from the K-W Labour Association for $650,000.

Soon after, an executive for the association joked to a Record reporter about the building being haunted, a story he later said he had heard over drinks at a bar.

When his lighthearted comments appeared in print, Fisca claimed he should have been informed of the "existence of a death and/or murder" at the property and that he had essentially been sold damaged goods.

Justice James Sloan ruled last fall that there wasn't enough substance to the case — which named the association and two real estate agents as defendants — to even go to trial.

"In essence what we have is a double hearsay rumour about a ghost from a couple of people after they had consumed a few beers at a social function," he wrote.

While upholding Sloan’s ruling, the appeal court also ordered Fisca to pay more than $6,000 in legal costs.